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Do you have mold or suspect you have hidden mold due to a flare up of health symptoms? Want to protect your home & business from germs and viruses? Below are our core services to help you eradicate mold and prevent its return and sterilize and disinfect your home or building.

why dry fog?

advanced dry fog technology

Compared to traditional mold remediation, the demolition-free Pure Maintenance dry-fog system is:


Works in hours, not days or weeks, our dry-fog system kills mold and other pathogens without using wetting agents that take time to dry.


Penetrates the entire structure and all of its contents, even inside the HVAC system, destroying mold throughout, not just in a limited area.


EPA and FDA certified safe treatment agents, will not harm people or pets. No bleach or other harsh chemicals!

More Affordable

Costs as little as $1 per square foot, often less than half the cost of traditional remediation methods. And, it's more effective too!

why nomoldwnc?

Mould specialists & innovators

Picking the right company to remediate and decontaminate your property from mold is absolutely crucial. Here's what you get with us:

Best warranty in the business

With NoMoldWNC, results are guaranteed. Our two-year guarantee is the best in the business. Our process works, simple as that. Guaranteed.

Powered by Pure Maintenance

NoMold WNC are the only authorized provider of the exclusive, revolutionary Pure Maintenance dry fog technology in the area.

Health-first, Whole Home Treatment

A healthy home environment is so important in promoting the health of family. Our treatment is founded on this principle.

Whole Home Treatment - Resolve the Problem, don't mask it

Hidden Dangers

Whether you have a humid crawlspace or you've got a leaky pipe, mold spores will be feeding and exponentially reproducing.

Invisible & Undetectable

Due to their size, mold spores are invisible. The build up in your home goes unnoticed. Your air becomes saturated and mold growth forms.

Here to Stay

Even if any excess moisture or damp is dealt with, mold doesn't die. It goes into a reduced mode of survival waiting for more food.


Mold spores pump into your airspace, landing on new surfaces ready to grow and to be inhaled with unwanted effects on health.

Deeper Dive into mold & our process

What our Customers think

The Truth about Mold in the home

We Serve all of Western North Carolina

  • Asheville
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  • Etowah
  • Candler
  • Fairview
  • Lake Lure
  • Flat Rock
  • Sandy Mush
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  • Bat Cave
  • Hendersonville
  • Leicester
  • Mars Hill
  • Hot Springs
  • Swannanoa
  • Montreat
  • Weaverville
  • Cashiers
  • Lake Junaluska
  • Waynesville
  • And more!

A Little Insight into How Mold Work

Every Eaten the Clean Part of Moldy Bread?

Moldy bread seem irrelevant?

Mold works in the same way in your home and on your surfaces. That's why we know it's imperative the whole home is decontaminated using our dry fog system.

Molds, like other fungi, have structures called hyphae, which are similar to roots. These hyphae can penetrate materials and extract nutrients. When these hyphae interconnect, they form a network known as mycelium. The mycelium can spread and grow, similar to how mold appears to spread on food or other surfaces.

Molds can embed into walls, especially porous surfaces. Once they find a suitable substrate and the right conditions (like moisture), they can grow and penetrate deeper into the material

Get your mold problem solved today

Our advanced dry fog technology destroys surface, hidden and airborne mold and stops it coming back.

HomeAdvisor Approved

We are a HomeAdvisor top-rated and approved mold-remediation service.