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what is "dry fog" and why does it matter?

Other companies use a fog to treat mold, even with similar chemicals. What's different is how we use them, and how it benefits you. "Dry fog" simply refers to the particle size that the fog is comprised of. They are so small they bounce off of surfaces instead of condensing and creating moisture. Our patented process breaks down the particles much smaller than traditional sprayers or handheld fogging equipment.
Our Dry Fog
Particles are half the size of mold spores. Anywhere mold can get, we can get.
Our chemicals stay airborne longer and are able to get more of the mold.
Since it is so effective we are able to use a lower concentration of the chemicals in your home.
Treatment is safe for electronics and home furnishings.
Traditional Wet Fog
step 1: instapure

administration of dry fog sterilant, instaPURE

InstaPURE is a powerful disinfectant that recognizes mold spores throughout your home and destroys them. By turning the mold spore into inert matter, your family can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing that the mold in your home is gone. InstaPURE is such a strong disinfectant, it will disinfect any surface it touches. InstaPURE is also used in hospitals, daycares, gyms, retail, airlines, clinics, essential service locations, and company fleets.

step 2: Everpure

application of antimicrobial film, everPURE

InstaPURE can disinfect virtually any home, office, or other building but what happens when new bacteria and viruses enter the premises? EverPURE is the answer! EverPURE provides a verified 90 days of protection once it is applied. This anti-microbial leaves no residue but sits on your keyboard, door knobs, and every other surface of your home waiting for the next bacteria or virus looking for a place to land. When any bacteria or viruses tries to land on a surface of your home EverPURE destroys the cell on contact.

mold in real estate transactions

When mold is found during the home inspection process, youhave a big problem. Buyers may want to back out, sellersmay not have the cash for the costly traditional types of moldremediation, and the lender might back out of theircommitment. A deal you have invested a lot of your time inmay fall apart. You need a solution, and you need it fast.NoMoldWNC can be than answer you are looking for.

Non-invasive & Quick

Because of the permeating nature of the dry fog, very minimal if any demolition is needed in order to completely restore the home to healthy. NoMoldWNC will bend over backwards to make certain a home is treated within the due diligence period or before the purchase of the home.

Verified Results

NoMoldWNC uses an independent, accredited, third-party laboratory to certify the home is free of unhealthy mold following a dry fog treatment. Our post-treatment report allows you to move forwards with confidence. The lab-verified data is the proof that your home is healthy and safe.

Customer Satisfaction

NoMoldWNC is committed to making our customers satisfied. We will do whatever it takes to fulfil your needs. Just take a look at our reviews and you'll get a sense of our commitment to our customers and results we deliver which constitute what you get when you choose NoMoldWNC.


NoMoldWNC eradicates mold with a chemical that has the highest "green" rating on the EPA’s list of the safest anti-microbial agents. It breaks down to oxygen and water within a short amount of time, leaving no residue. The home can be safely treated and occupied on the same day.


The patented Pure Maintenance process, the technology we are officially licensed to use, has been approved by the United States General Administration for performing mold remediation in all state and federal government facilities and by the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Thanks to the second step of the dry fog process, the home becomes very inhospitable to future mold growth. Therefore, NoMoldWNC gives a two year warranty that can be passed on to the buyer of the home. Your buyer can proceed with peace of mind, knowing they're covered.

what else is there?

remediation options compared

Let's take a look at your options with regards to mold remediation. Below are the most common methods that people employ to eradicate mold from their homes & buildings.



  • New construction in affected area​


  • Expensive
  • Takes a long time
  • Can spread mold spores



  • Quick and easy


  • Ineffective
  • Spreads spores

Wet Fog/ Mist


  • No demolition


  • Not effective as a standalone
  • Must leave house for multiple days
  • Effectiveness is debated



  • New Home


  • Expensive
  • If mold growth is bad enough, spores will move with you

Dry Fogging


  • Quick and Easy
  • Effective
  • Less Expensive
  • Non-Toxic
  • Prevents future growth


  • None
why nomoldwnc?

Mould specialists & innovators

Picking the right company to remediate and decontaminate your property from mold is absolutely crucial. Here's what you get with us:

Best warranty in the business

With NoMoldWNC, results are guaranteed. Our two-year guarantee is the best in the business. Our process works, simple as that. Guaranteed.

Powered by Pure Maintenance

NoMold WNC are the only authorized provider of the exclusive, revolutionary Pure Maintenance dry fog technology in the area.

Health-first, Whole Home Treatment

A healthy home environment is so important in promoting the health of family. Our treatment is founded on this principle.

Whole Home Treatment - Resolve the Problem, don't mask it

Hidden Dangers

Whether you have a humid crawlspace or you've got a leaky pipe, mold spores will be feeding and exponentially reproducing.

Invisible & Undetectable

Due to their size, mold spores are invisible. The build up in your home goes unnoticed. Your air becomes saturated and mold growth forms.

Here to Stay

Even if any excess moisture or damp is dealt with, mold doesn't die. It goes into a reduced mode of survival waiting for more food.


Mold spores pump into your airspace, landing on new surfaces ready to grow and to be inhaled with unwanted effects on health.

Deeper Dive into mold & our process

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Our advanced dry fog technology destroys surface, hidden and airborne mold and stops it coming back.

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