Gym/Studio Disinfection Asheville, NC

NoMoldWNC will come in during the night and apply our 90-day anti-microbial protection to your gym or studio. Zero down-time or disruption.

Disinfection through Dry Fog

Dry Fog is the newest and best way to apply your gym or yoga studio disinfectant. NoMoldWNC will come in during the night and apply 90-day anti-microbial protection.

By the time you open in the morning, your clients will be working out in a clean and protected environment. Next time a sick person comes into your gym, any germs or viruses they bring will be killed on contact. This is not only something your clients will love, but it will increase traffic especially during flu season because your clients won’t be sick.

Our products are 100% People, Pet and Environmentally Friendly.

Protect Your Business today

Our advanced dry fog technology destroys surface, hidden and airborne pathogens, viruses and germs and stops them coming back.