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Ensure a smooth sale. Hidden mold problems can jeapordize a deal. Our mold treatment is quick, non-invasive and provides laboratory data to evidence the resolution of the problem.

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Mold in Real Estate Transactions

Don't give Buyers a Reason to Back Out

When mold is found during the home inspection process, you have a big problem. Buyers may want to back out, sellers may not have the cash for the costly traditional types of mold remediation, and the lender might back out of their commitment.

It's a Surprisingly Common Problem

Experts estimate that between 30%-60% of homes have unhealthy levels of mold, which can emit toxic pathogens. Older homes are even more likely to have unhealthy mold levels in the air. Airborne mold is not visible to the naked eye.

Mold Needs professional Treatment

A mold concern that is handled incorrectly
usually spreads invisible mold spores throughout
a home. This can unknowingly make the problem worse, both by spreading the mold to new areas and increasing the airborne mold.

mold in real estate transactions

When mold is found during the home inspection process, youhave a big problem. Buyers may want to back out, sellersmay not have the cash for the costly traditional types of moldremediation, and the lender might back out of theircommitment. A deal you have invested a lot of your time inmay fall apart. You need a solution, and you need it fast.NoMoldWNC can be than answer you are looking for.

Non-invasive & Quick

Because of the permeating nature of the dry fog, very minimal if any demolition is needed in order to completely restore the home to healthy. NoMoldWNC will bend over backwards to make certain a home is treated within the due diligence period or before the purchase of the home.

Verified Results

NoMoldWNC uses an independent, accredited, third-party laboratory to certify the home is free of unhealthy mold following a dry fog treatment. Our post-treatment report allows you to move forwards with confidence. The lab-verified data is the proof that your home is healthy and safe.

Customer Satisfaction

NoMoldWNC is committed to making our customers satisfied. We will do whatever it takes to fulfil your needs. Just take a look at our reviews and you'll get a sense of our commitment to our customers and results we deliver which constitute what you get when you choose NoMoldWNC.


NoMoldWNC eradicates mold with a chemical that has the highest "green" rating on the EPA’s list of the safest anti-microbial agents. It breaks down to oxygen and water within a short amount of time, leaving no residue. The home can be safely treated and occupied on the same day.


The patented Pure Maintenance process, the technology we are officially licensed to use, has been approved by the United States General Administration for performing mold remediation in all state and federal government facilities and by the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Thanks to the second step of the dry fog process, the home becomes very inhospitable to future mold growth. Therefore, NoMoldWNC gives a two year warranty that can be passed on to the buyer of the home. Your buyer can proceed with peace of mind, knowing they're covered.

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Odor Removal Asheville, North Carolina

While it seems rather basic or objectionable, smells are a large deterrent to otherwise saleable homes. Pure Maintenance technology not only removes airborne mold and pathogens, but also eliminates odors in most all applications.

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Our advanced dry fog technology permeates the entire home, eradicates mold and stops it coming back.

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