non-toxic treatment

NoMoldWNC only uses tested and approved non-toxic products that are safe for you and your family.

family friendly

Health-First Mold Remediation

The Pure Maintenance products we use have been approved by the EPA. They have been proven to safe, and effective!

affordable & safe

Traditional mold removal can take days or even weeks to complete and is usually very expensive. The Pure Maintenance process takes only one visit and requires no demolition, it is safe for you ad your pets and you can return to your PURE home the same day.

Non-toxic Treatment

Traditional mold remediation methods can spread existing mold spores throughout your home and make things even worse than they were before.The Dry Fog does not relocate mold spores or mask odors, it completely eliminates odors, mold, and its toxic residue.

guaranteed results

The patented Dry Fog mold removal process is guaranteed to reach into every pore of your home killing mold, odors, and bacteria on contact. The treatment will penetrate inside wall cavities as well as inside porous materials like furniture and drywall.

visible evidence

results you can see

Feel free to download the write-up of a study we carried out with the US Army Corps of Engineers. The images below shows mold under the microscope and how our treatment eradicates it.

before Treatment

after 5 minutes of treatment

After 1 Hour of treatment

after Treatment

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Our advanced dry fog technology destroys surface, hidden and airborne mold and stops it coming back.

HomeAdvisor Approved

We are a HomeAdvisor top-rated and approved mold-remediation service.