Advanced dry fog mold remediation and pathogen removal.
The Future of Mold Remediation is Here

Our Patented Dry Fog Technology

Dry Fog (Our Patented Technology)

The tiny particles penetrate porous materials and rebound from surfaces creating a dry vapor. The vapor creates an inhabitable environment that mold, bacteria, cannot survive.

Wet Fog Or Mist (Other Technology)

Large wet droplets burst, causing surfaces to become wet. The larger particle size also leaves gaps in molecular coverage. Resulting in poor coverage and a residue left on surfaces.

2-Steps to Kill Mold and Pathogens

The first step of Pure Maintenance's two-step Pure Remediation Process is the InstaPURE Process. This is a potent disinfectant solution that removes mold and bacteria from your area. The InstaPURE Process reduces the mold load to nearly zero and eliminates pathogens, enabling you to breathe fresh and healthy air.
The next step in the Pure Maintenance process is called the EverPURE Process. In this process, we spray Goldshield 5® onto select surfaces. Goldshield 5® is a microbiostatic agent registered with the California Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Science

It looks complicated, but it's not! Basically, the dry fog breaks down to pure Oxygen which targets and kills mold spores and other pathogen. The dry fog breaks down to Oxygen and Water Vapor, essentially leaving no trace behind.
Once mixed with water and released in our fog, one Oxygen atom breaks off the Peracetic Acid and "hunts down" odor-causing bacteria and mold spores. In a process called "lysis" the Oxygen ruptures the cells and renders them inert.
When the Oxygen leaves Peracetic Acid it becomes Acetic Acid which reacts with Hydrogen Peroxide to create more Peracetic Acid. What is left behind is water vapor.
When there is no more Hydrogen Peroxide left in the fog the reactions stop and we are left with only Acetic Acid, water vapor, and stable Oxygen. The levels are safe for anyone to reenter before we leave.
Read the science behind the InstaPURE Process. 

Why Choose Demolition Free Mold Removal?

Simple. Because its Better!

More Effective Technology

Using the patented Dry Fog Technology, Pure Maintenance can fill up the entire volume of space within a building with a sterilant that destroys bacteria, and mold from surfaces. It denatures spores and destroys airborne pathogens in furniture, fabrics, air ducts, and behind walls. The process is so effective, we guarantee our results. Upon completion of the Pure Maintenance two step process, the air in your home will be safer and healthier than the outdoor air.

More Affordable

Because of the new technology used by Pure Maintenance, we can perform jobs faster and without the unnecessary expense involved with replacing walls and carpet. Pure Maintenance provides free inspections and estimates. Our prices are typically less than half of that of our competitors.

Faster Working

Outdated remediation methods can take weeks to get mold levels back to satisfactory levels in a single room, not to mention the rest of the home. Once that process is over, you begin the painstaking labor of rebuilding everything that was torn out. With Dry Fog Technology, the entire problem from start to finish can be solved in as little as 4 hours.

Less Invasive

Instead of quarantining off a section of your house and having contractors walking in and out for weeks, Pure Maintenance will simply back their truck up, bring a few small nozzles into the home or office. In approximately 4 hours, your home will be free of any harmful mold or pathogens.

US Army Corps of Engineers Tests the Pure Maintenance System

Learn how our unique dry fog system stood up to the rigorous tests put forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers. In brief... it did GREAT!

Find the full article at

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