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Mold Remediation Asheville, NC

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Most homeowners will find total treatment time is only about 3-4 hours. It's easy and safe, and doesn't require moving furniture or even food. Check out the FAQs.

Professional Mold Removal Services in Asheville, NC

Mold is a serious and significant problem for homeowners and commercial property owners in and nearby Asheville, NC. The presence of mold can result in respiratory problems, increased asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and a range of mild to very serious health issues.

At NoMoldWNC, we offer a proprietary and extremely effective option for mold removal and mold remediation in any type of building. Our professional mold removal services are 100% non-toxic and are safe for your pets. The process is also environmentally friendly, so you never have to worry about safety with our mold remediation services. Our process is approved by the EPA. Most homeowners will find total treatment time for their house is about three to four hours.

How it Works

If you are in the Asheville, NC, area and are searching for mold inspection near me, you will find there are options. However, we use Dry Fog Technology, which fogs a powerful disinfectant, InistaPURE, throughout your home or business. This fog makes mold spores inert while also disinfecting all surfaces.

Next, we apply EverPURE as the second step in mold treatment for houses and commercial buildings. This acts as an anti-microbial that kills any mold that lands on the surfaces treated. This surface protection lasts for a full ninety days after application, all without any surface residue or odor.

Our mold removal process is highly effective. As a dry process, it eliminates the wet fogs and mists used by other companies. When you need mold remediation services in the Asheville, NC, area, turn to the experts at NoMoldWNC.

The Future of Mold Remediation is Here

NoMoldWNC uses the patented Pure Maintenance two-step process, which has changed the way mold remediation is being done all over the country. This process creates a dry fog, in which the disinfecting chemicals are reduced to microscopic particles that penetrate every square inch of your home. The Pure Maintenance dry fog seeps into the carpet and in and behind walls and tile without getting anything wet.

The Pure Maintenance Dry Fog Technology is what sets NoMoldWNC apart. Instead of sledgehammers and axes slamming into your mold-infested walls, the tiny particles of the dry fog fill the capacity of your home or office, destroying ALL mold cells in its path.

Our patented micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. The best part about developing such a particle is that it gets nothing in your home or office wet. Both applications are 100% Non-Toxic, Pet, and Environmentally friendly on any surface.

Little disruption to your Life

NoMoldWNC's treatment gets rid of mold and does not disrupt your life. You do not have to remove your furniture, your valuables, your clothes, or food before or after our treatment. You can leave papers on your desk and they will not be harmed, and fruit out on your countertop and come right in and eat it when we are finished.  Our treatment solutions are EPA and FDA certified safe for people, plants, pets, food, and the environment.

Our 2-Step Process for Mold Remediation

1st Step: InstaPURE

The first of Pure Maintenance's two-step process is a fog called, InstaPURE.

InstaPURE is a powerful disinfectant that recognizes mold spores throughout your home and destroys them. By turning the mold spore into inert matter, your family can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing that the mold in your home is gone. InstaPURE is such a strong disinfectant, it will disinfect any surface it touches. InstaPURE is also used in hospitals, daycares, gyms, retail, airlines, clinics, essential service locations, and company fleets.

2nd Step: EverPURE

EverPURE is the second application in the Pure Maintenance mold remediation system.

InstaPURE can disinfect virtually any home, office, or other building but what happens when new bacteria and viruses enter the premises? EverPURE is the answer! EverPURE provides a verified 90 days of protection once it is applied. This anti-microbial leaves no residue but sits on your keyboard, door knobs, and every other surface of your home waiting for the next bacteria or virus looking for a place to land. When any bacteria or viruses tries to land on a surface of your home EverPURE destroys the cell on contact.

Don't be fooled by Wet Fog Application service providers which can only reach mold growing on surfaces. Go with the experts at NoMoldWNC for complete removal of mold, bacteria, and virus wherever they are inside a building. Whether mold is on a surface, in the HVAC system, draperies, bedding, rugs, furniture, or carpet, NoMoldWNC can eliminate it. Contact us today to set up an appointment and test your home or business.

Please see our Mold Remediation Terms and Conditions document for questions about our Mold Inspections, Abatement, and Payments. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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