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7 Treatment Errors for Mold Illness

Posted: January 18, 2022
Spraying a wall with bleach or other wet methods usually doesn't work well!

Mold sickness treatment might take a long time and be complex. Healthcare providers who treat persons with mold-related illnesses have uncovered some common mold-related sickness treatment mistakes. 

Mistake #1: You haven't looked for mold in your home or at work. 

Don't overlook the need to address mold exposure before starting treatment! Make sure you get a mold test from a reputable company at your home, school, or place of business. Instead of making informed guesses, put your knowledge to the test! 

Mistake #2: You're still exposed to mold even if you live in a mold-free home. 

Mold spores were discovered in every home and setting. Some have a few, and others a large number. Stay away from any buildings that haven't been tested for mold while you're healing. 

Mistake #3: You're not sticking to your detox schedule. 

During the detox process, your organs are working extra hard to get rid of contaminants. Make it a point to help them. It's vital to support the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and other drainage and detox organs throughout recuperation. 

Mistake #4: You are overly concerned with supplement processes and take too many supplements. 

You do not require ten different vitamins at the same time. It's primarily for your immune system to comprehend and understand. Choosing the correct supplement regimen is just one aspect of the healing process. 

You're looking for quick fixes, which is mistake number five. 

Mistake #5: Don't look for quick fixes. 

The flu is not a long-term illness. Even if you're no longer exposed, it won't go away in a week. Choose a qualified practitioner, follow your treatment plan, and wait! 

Mistake #6: You aren't retraining your mind and thoughts. 

Mental and physical well-being are inextricably linked. Unhealthy thoughts can cause physical symptoms by activating the fight-or-flight response in the chronic stress response. Calming this response and activating the parasympathetic nervous system are required for healing from sensitivity, brain fog, tiredness, and other diseases. If you're continually in a state of "fight or flight," it's impossible to detox and recover successfully. 

Ignoring your gut instinct is mistake #7. 

Around 80% of the immune system is inside the gut. It is connected to the brain directly. As a result, brain fog, memory issues, and other illnesses are caused by intestinal inflammation. You definitely have a leaky gut if you have allergies to foods, vitamins, chemicals, and other substances. When poisons escape into the bloodstream, they create substantial inflammation. Antibiotics can cause dysbiosis (bacterial imbalances), which can result in candida and immune dysfunction. Heal your stomach!

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