Advanced dry fog mold remediation and pathogen removal.

Studies and Resources

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Need more proof? Pure Maintenance products have been tested, and proven to be effective and safe, and approved by the EPA.

We populate this page with publically available studies and reference information that is helpful in understanding how Pure Maintenance works and why the technologies we use are so effective. Here are some studies and resources related to the chemicals, methods, and results of the Pure Maintenance Process.

The Army Corps of Engineers did a study on Pure Maintenance products, and found them effective! Don't believe us... read the report!


The first step of the treatment process is the application of InstaPURE®, a powerful disinfectant that destroys mold spores and disinfects any surface it touches. The second step is the application of EverPURE®, an anti-microbial barrier that destroys bacteria or viruses that come in contact with treated surfaces. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approves the use of both InstaPURE® and EverPURE® in all 50 states.

Initial prior to treatment air samples taken from the dining facility and barracks locations indicated an average of hundreds of thousands mold spores per cubic meter while outdoor/ background samples were in the thousands. Air samples to date, three months after treatment, have shown and continue to indicate complete treatment of all mold spores, showing below outdoor/background levels. Surfaces in both buildings were covered with visible mold spores. Surface samples taken after treatment indicate complete removal and continue to show no new mold growth to date. The dry vapor coating extends the period that mold growth is inhibited. Further studies may suggest the maximum extent this process offers growth inhibiting characteristics as well as additional applications, perhaps testing medical equipment infrastructure, new construction, etc

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